Software Development Services

At Aries Technologies Inc. we specialize in software development.   Our team of developers are highly skilled in multiple programming languages enabling us to design and develop applications in response to several diverse business needs.  Our clients have relied on us to provide:
  • Payroll solutions

  • Contact management solutions

  • Asset management solutions

  • Inventory management solutions

  • Database solutions

  • 3rd party integration tools

Our  employees and consultants have university degrees in Computer Science or Engineering and have 7-13 years experience in software development


"Everson R. Elcock & Co. Ltd. commissioned Aries Technologies to develop proprietary software for its business operations, in addition to executing the installation of other shelf bought packages.

The professional manner in which Aries went about collating data to complement the scope of works and services and the level of attention paid to detail was instrumental in having the successful project delivered on time and within the budget.

Our company policy is to purchase shelf products with respect to software, however, Aries' development being user friendly and the preparation of a detailed user manual has given us a whole new level of comfort in addition to the the fact that the support for the services are available at a moment's notice."


Managing Director,

Everson R. Elcock & Co Ltd.